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WYE VALLEY UPDATE now available - free download (UPDATED AUGUST 16th 2006)
LUNDY SUPPLEMENT 2005 now available - free download
Llanberis guide photodiagrams - free supplement

Welcome to the CC!

The Climbers' Club was founded in 1898 and is a national club, founded to encourage climbing and to promote the interests of mountaineers and the mountain environment.

HUT KEYS - UPDATE (03/07/2006)

Riasg: all electronic, no metal key required
Downes: all electronic, no metal key required
May Cottage: all electronic, no metal key required
Ynys Ettws: Doors electronic, car barrier electronic as test for other sites
Cwm Glas Mawr: as per Ynys Ettws
Helyg: Door is electronic, car barrier still requires metal key; garage key is held in a safe fitted to the garage door.
Count House: electronic door and alarm safe, car barrier is controlled by a combination lock, code is kept in the alarm-safe. No metal key required.
RLH (Wayfarers): electronically operated safe containing access key now installed

See the Huts page for more information, and to buy your new electronic key online.

Forthcoming Meets

• 1-3 Dec: Helyg Weekend, Richard Huddy

For the full meets list, see the Meets page

Membership cards

Please note that your current membership cards will remain valid until the end of 2006. We're changing the date of collection of subscription, and new cards will be issued in July to coincide with the beginning of the new membership year.

CC email addresses:

We still have loads of Climbers' Club email addresses available (eg: More information and an application form are available in the Private area (login required).

Photo of Heart of the Sun

Lisa Milner on Manzoku (E1 5b), Stennis Head, Pembroke
Photo by Don Sargeant


The CC produces guidebooks to climbing areas in the South of England and Wales. Recent publications include:

• Forest of Dean
• Clogwyn Du'r Arddu
• Llanberis
• Cwm Silyn & Cwellyn
• Avon & Cheddar

Area & access news

Please send all area and access information to ccwebadmin.


Photo of Downes hut

• Ynys Ettws
• Cwm Glas Mawr
• Helyg
• May Cottage
• RO Downes
• Count House
• Riasg

Photo of Count House

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